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Podręczniki 2021/2022


The shool acknowledged full rights of the public secondary school.



Confirmation of the public school rights by MWRiOP


A board dedicated to students who died in 1918-1920 was founded ( it was destroyed in 1939 and restored after the war)


The school changed its name to eight-class men secondary school named after Tadeusz Kościuszko in Wieluń


The school was deprived of the rights of a public school.


A Diecese of Częstochowa ( bishop Teodor Kubina) on power of a purchase-sale contract took over the running of the secondary school in Wieluń ( on the condition that the school will have an open character and young men will learn there regardless of their religion and nationality; the name was changed to a Private Men Secondary School named after T. Kościuszko in Diecese of Częstochowa with a humanistic profile).


Return to use a new school building with a hall-gymnasium. The statement of the school regulation: “...-for inappropriate behaviour on the lesson-punishment of 5 groszy -for destroying somebody else s property-punishment of 10 groszy -for failing students duties-punishment of 10 groszy -for staying outside house at night-punishment of 15 groszy -for inappropriate behaviour on the street-punishment of 20 groszy -for lack of a bow to the superior-punishment of 20 groszy -for hitting a friend-punishment of 30 groszy..."

17a 18a 19a


School´ s activity was interrupted; in the building in Gaszyńska Street there were private apartaments for Germans, a school for German children, a storehouse for armament in gymnasium.


Secret individual learning (in Wieluń 10 teachers conducted lessons for 15 students and in the district of Wieluń 4 teachers taught 7 students)

The history of school was worked out by Jarosław Mazur M.A. 

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